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    sleep Dr. Aisleep, sleep science and technology industry leader, pillows industry influence brand, specialized in research of sleep technology.

    Eight advantages of joining

    huge market space · · profitable for leading product development
    extensive product line of patented core technologies · · perfect brand performance
    top planning team · Stars team manager

    Eight Affiliate Support

    100% Exchange Support · Free · shelf support strong advertising support
    Retail Training Support Supervisor Support · goods promotional support
    publicity material support · Marketing assistance support

    apply for distribution, joined the basic process

    1 to call the company or distributors to join issues. Contact: Mr. Wei Tel: 15857121333 0571-28861778
    2. Prior to joining preparations
    3. detailed negotiations with the company and a clear intention
    4. Investment fieldwork
    5. agreement
    6. store renovation, training and guidance, marketing training
    7. Opening

    Corporate Customers, corporate purchase

    Contact: Mr. Wei Tel: 15857121333 0571-28861778